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The President discusses threats to democracy after Jan. 6


Rep. Jamie Raskin, a member of the Jan. 6 select committee, said he believes the investigation will reveal the full truth about the insurrection.

“America is going to be shocked and surprised at what we all come to learn this year,” he told CNN.

Raskin, who called the insurrection “a coup” organized by former President Donald Trump, said the committee has not made a decision about possibly subpoenaing former Vice President Mike Pence if he doesn’t talk to the committee voluntarily.

“He has a lot to be proud of. He was a constitutional patriot. He stood up for the Constitution,” Raskin said.
“We have subpoenaed lots of people whose testimony we need. The Supreme Court has said Congress has the right to subpoena anyone we want in order to get the information we need in order to govern,” he said.

Raskin also said that former Trump press secretary Stephanie Grisham “names a lot of names I had not heard before” and “identified some minds of inquiry that had never occurred to me” during a conversation he had with her prior to her interview yesterday with the committee.

Grisham’s meeting with the committee yesterday came after the former White House aide and chief of staff to first lady Melania Trump had a phone call with committee member Raskin, who encouraged her to meet with the panel.

Asked about the large amount of documents and records that have already been turned over to the committee, Raskin said the committee is “hoping to connect the dots amount the different levels of activity,” and learn “how did the former president’s inner political entourage operate in conjunction with the domestic violent extremist groups brought to Washington.”

Raskin’s daughter, Tabitha, was with him in the Capitol on Jan. 6 last year — and he says she has not gone to the building since then.

“It is part of my mission to fight for an America where Tabitha and every young person feels safe coming to the Congress of the United States. And this is a building that we should be proud of all around the world, should be a place of peace and safety and democratic dialogue,” he said.  

CNN’s Jamie Crawford contributed to this post

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