Tehran reacts to US-UK strikes on Yemen

The aggressive attack of the United States and the United Kingdom on Yemen, along with their continued unlimited support for the Zionist regime’s war crimes and genocide against the Gaza Strip and the Rafah region is being carried out to spread insecurity in the region and hinder the honorable support of the people and the government of Yemen for oppressed Palestinian nation, Kan’ani said.

The aggressor governments of the US and UK are responsible for the consequences of these crimes against the Yemeni people, he said, adding that the continued violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Yemen and the attack on the citizens of this country is a clear example of the violation of international laws and regulations as well as violation of human rights.

Kan’ani called on the world community and international assemblies as well as Islamic countries to fulfill their legal and humanitarian duties to support the oppressed people of Yemen and oppose the provocative and adventurous actions of US and UK in the region.

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