Iranians’ Declaration for Promissory Diligence to Iran’s Constitutional 1906 Movement

Statement Number 1 Issued September 14, 2019

Attention: World leaders and All freedom loving citizens of the world as we com-forth with
Declaration for Promissory Diligence to Iran’s Constitutional 1906 Movement:
We The People of Iran from inside and outside Iran have gathered to acknowledge and reflect voices of Iranians from the smallest villages to the largest cities; to hereby declare restoring national promise with the Constitutional movement of Mashruteh and its progressive White Revolution of 1963 for reinstating lawful order of Iranians’ self-governance and maintaining sovereignty of Iran per 7th article as well as the 26th amendment of Iran’s Constitution 1906 under the national sun and lion flag of Iran to  declare unity as many times called for by H.I.M. Prince Reza Pahlavi.
We are lawfully uniting and inclusive of all Iranians designating Council with potential to expand in numbers to bring liberation, law and order to Iran with dynamic replacement for transition from current brutal kleptocratic theocracy of Islamic Republic that occupied Iran through lies and conspiracy as exposed now by historical documents as well as testimonials by the occupying regime itself.
Islamic Republic has been embattled with the international community, invasive by nature while against international treaties and threat to global security from its illegitimate inception in Iran .
Per Constitution 1906 and its White Revolution of 1963 We along all Iranians have lawful assignment to denounce all contracts that compromise national Iran sovereignty territorial integrity and security.
Clearly, after the fall of the Islamic Republic occupying regime in Iran through the Will of Iranians, a national and free election by Iranians will be upheld to determine the form of government while Constitutional parliament will update Iran’s constitution 1906 to secular democracy.
In this historic national movement, for promissory renewal & diligence to Iran’s Constitution 1906 and its progressive referendum of 1963, we are requesting participation from all freedom loving Iranian patriots to come forth with all their available means to support call for Iran unity and liberation under one flag while steadfast on road to Integrate Iran with the free world for free and fair trade for all Iranians to reclaim Iran again.

Long Live Iran – PAYANDEH IRAN

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