Iran Pursuing Water Rights from Helmand River: Energy Minister

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Securing Iran’s water rights from the Helmand (Hirmand) River is a major priority of the government, Minister of Energy Ali Akbar Mehrabian said, adding that the country will make its utmost effort in this regard.

Mehrabian made the comment late on Sunday, stating that the Ministry of Energy is seriously pursuing the water rights from the Helmand River.

Turning to the moves taken in order to follow up the implementation of the Helmand Treaty, he added that the issue of supplying water in the eastern part of the country has been put atop the agenda of the administration and important measures have thus far been taken in this regard.

Highlighting the significance of supplying water based on the Helmand Treaty, Mehrabian added, “Following the order of President (Ebrahim) Raisi for accelerating the issue in the eastern part of the country, an expert-level session will be held with the participation of all responsible organizations with a focus on pursuing the legal water share of the river.”

The government will spare no effort to fully regain the legal water rights of residents in the eastern part of the country from the Helmand River, the energy minister emphasized.

The issue of following up on the implementation of the Helmand Treaty inked between Iran and Afghanistan has been one of the priorities of the current administration in the field of water diplomacy and constructive steps have so far been taken in this regard, Mehrabian concluded.

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