Iran’s Roads Minister Leaves for UAE for Bilateral Talks

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian Minister of Roads and Urban Development MEhrdad Bazrpash left Tehran for Abu Dhabi on Monday for an official visit at the official invitation of the minister of energy and infrastructure of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The UAE is a country that has a high volume of trade exchanges and is considered one of the main three countries that have significant trade exchanges with Iran, he stated before departing Tehran.

It is hoped that the two countries will establish valuable interaction and cooperation with each other with teh aim of spurring bilateral trade, he added.

The chairman of the Iran-UAE Joint Economic Commission further stated, “Given the existence of corridor capacities, Iran’s rail and port capabilities have created a significant platform for the investment of the Arab country.”

Emirati investors have shown high interest in investing in Iran’s port and rail sectors, he said, adding, “Since attraction of foreign investors is one of the main economic policies of the current administration, efforts will be made to clarify Iran’s economic capacities and potentials (in this trip).”

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