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Iran International Exhibition

Iran International Exhibition

On September 13, 1964, at 5:30 PM, the emperor and queen visited the International Exhibition of Iran, south of the Hilton Hotel, affiliated with the Ministry of Economy. During the visit, Prime Minister Hassan Ali Mansour, several ministers, the Speaker of the Senate and the National Assembly, the Chief of Staff of the Army and the elders of the country were with their wives. During this visit, Her Majesty received the President of the Tehran International Exhibition.

The emperor and queen were led to the booth of the Institute of Standards. In this large pavilion, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and a drying place and a special wolf room were displayed. All products in this exhibition are for Iranian exports, which are prepared by the Institute of Standards. The work of the Standard Institute shows the increase and improvement of Iran’s exports.

Iran International Exhibitions Company was established in 1342. The administrative organization of the company consists of the general assembly of shareholders, the board of directors and the inspection department.

  • A: The General Assembly of Shareholders consists of the Minister of Economy, Deputy Minister of Industrial Affairs and Deputy Minister of Commerce.
  • B: The Board of Directors of the Company: A Chairman and CEO and two members of the Board of Directors are elected by the General Assembly for a term of four years.
  • A: Inspection: The Inspector of International Exhibitions of Iran is elected every year by the General Assembly of Shareholders and the Inspector can be re-elected for the next round.

Completed from 1342 to 1351

  • Holding an exhibition in Shiraz, Kashan, Tehran between 1343 and 1346
  • Exhibition of handicrafts, photographs, foodstuffs in London, France, Cologne, Berlin, Brussels, Jeddah, Pakistan, Izmir, Moscow, Baghdad, Kabul and Osaka from 1344 to 1348

The Second Asian International Trade Fair – Tehran 1348

The second Asian International Trade Fair was held in Tehran on October 13, 1980. A total of 3,000 institutes from 40 countries in Asia, Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, North and South America and Australia participated in the exhibition. More than half a million people visited the exhibition for 20 days. In this exhibition, about 12,400 tons of goods worth 321,316,000 Rials from foreign countries were displayed for everyone.

  • Milan Photo Exhibition 1349
  • Exhibition of construction materials and home appliances – Tehran 1350 – In this exhibition, 103 domestic companies and 24 foreign companies exhibited their products such as decorative materials, construction, engineering.
  • Provinces Progress Exhibition – Provinces Progress Exhibition was opened on the 8th of Aban 1350. This exhibition was held simultaneously with the celebration of the two thousand five hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Iranian Empire and with the participation of the private sector and the public sector of fourteen provinces and nine general governorates. Five hundred and forty private and governmental institutions and organizations exhibited their industrial and traditional products.
  • Montreal Exhibition of Man and His World – This exhibition was established on July 20, 1351 and 276,000 people visited the Iran booth.
  • Cairo Exhibition – March 3, 1981 was held with the participation of 22 Iranian companies and lasted until April 2, 1982.
  • Damascus Exhibition – September 24, 1351 was held with the participation and cooperation of 25 Iranian companies. This exhibition lasted until September 21, 1351.
  • Iran Permanent Exhibition – 16 August 1351 to 15 October 1351 was held with the participation of 22 provinces and the governor general.
  • International Exhibition of Construction Materials, Machinery and Interior Decorations – September 14, 1351 for 15 days with the participation of 50 Iranian manufacturing companies and 52 companies from 8 countries.
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