Iran among World’s Leading Countries in Development of Oil Pipelines despite Sanctions: Report

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A US Research Institute said Iran has ranked first in the world in terms of development of oil pipelines in spite of the sanctions imposed against the country.

The Website of Global Energy Monitor added that about 1,900 kilometers of oil pipelines are under construction in Iran.

While reviewing oil projects in different countries, it said 9,100 kilometers of oil pipelines are under construction throughout the world and planning is underway for the construction of 21,900 kilometers more.

The Global Energy Monitor put the total cost of construction of these pipelines at $131.9 billion.

About half of the under-construction oil pipeline,  which includes 4,400 kilometers of pipelines, is located in Africa and Asia.

In spite of tough sanctions imposed by the US government against the country, Iran has the largest construction operation of oil pipelines in the world, followed by India and Nigeria.

The total oil pipeline under construction in Iran is 12 times more than that of the oil pipeline which is under construction in the United States, the report added.

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