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CNN legal analyst: Trump appointees are making 'the impact that he and his supporters have wanted'

The Supreme Court ruling on the Texas abortion law is a “sobering message for the country,” CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said Friday.

“This is a constitutional right that has been recognized since 1973, since Roe v. Wade. And the Supreme Court has said, now twice, that it’s OK for Texas to take away this right from women,” he said. “I think that is a very clear message of where they’re heading on the Mississippi case.”

Toobin reminded that this direction of the court is influenced by former President Trump’s appointees.  

“This is a big change in American law and, you know, Donald Trump’s appointees have had the impact that he and his supporters have wanted,” he said.

How the court ruled: The Supreme Court left in place a Texas abortion law that bars the procedure after around six weeks of pregnancy Friday, but the justices said that abortion providers had the right to challenge the law in federal court.

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