US main supporter, partner of Zionists crimes: Senior cleric

Speaking at the sermons of Friday prayers held at the University of Tehran, Haj Ali Akbari said that the Zionist regime is in a bad and shameful situation and is stuck in a swamp of multilateral scandals.

He stated that more than seven months of fierce resistance from the great and oppressed Palestinian nation against the brutality of these criminals indicated that the Zionist regime and its supporters did not have any correct calculations in this process.

These seven months showed the ability of planning and calculations of the Resistance Front and Resistance groups to resist under this heavy pressure and make the enemy desperate, he added.

This regime has conducted several attacks on Rafah to make achievements, he said, stressing that Rafah is a vital highway for the besieged people in Gaza which has become a large military barracks full of tanks of the Zionist regime.

He pointed out that the major immigrant and resident population resides in Rafah.

The senior cleric noted that the Zionists are seeking to hit the Resistance, stressing that the US is the main supporter and main partner in all Zionist crimes despite what we see that Biden advises them to stop the attacks.

He added that the Resistance had dealt very serious blows to the Zionist regime, and they could not believe that the Resistance was still standing in the middle of the scene after more than seven months.

The Zionist regime did not achieve anything except failure in diplomacy, in the field, and in public opinion, he underlined, adding that the Resistance front was able to be successful and proud in diplomacy, in the field, and in public opinion.

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