UK imposes sanctions on Russian commanders and Iranian businessmen

The UK Foreign Office announced it was sanctioning 12 Russian commanders for their role in attacks on Ukrainian cities, including Major General Robert Baranov, identified by Bellingcat as the commander of programming and targeting Russian cruise missiles.

The Foreign Office view the dozen as the most senior officers directly involved in the assault on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure. The sanctioning makes them prime targets for war crimes tribunals in the event of such trials ever being held.

The UK said it was sanctioning four Iranians including the co-owner and managing director of MADO, an Iranian drone engine manufacturer.

The Foreign Office, citing UK defence intelligence reports, claimed:

Russian armed forces are struggling to replenish their missile reserves, while they are increasingly forced to rely on second rate drones supplied by Iran to keep up their inhumane bombardments of the Ukrainian people.

James Cleverly, the foreign secretary, said:

The Iranian regime is increasingly isolated in the face of deafening calls for change from its own people and is striking sordid deals with Putin in a desperate attempt to survive.

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