Tehran-Shomal Freeway Symbol of Self-Confidence, Wisdom of Iranian Nation: President

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Iranian president said that the completion of the construction operation of a new section of the Tehran-Shomal Freeway is a manifestation of self-confidence, high capability and wisdom of the noble nation of Islamic Iran.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the new lot of Tehran-Shomal Freeway on Thursday, President Ebrahim Raisi highlighted the technological work used in this project, which was put into operation after more than two years of nonstop and incessant efforts.

He considered the completion of this project as a symbol of honor and pride for the country and added, “It is hoped that the construction operation of the next section of this giant project will start soon.”

Stating that all stages for the construction operation of Section 2 of the Tehran-Shomal Freeway have been implemented by domestic engineers, he expressed his thanks to all functionaries, expert engineers, contractors and those who helped the objectives of this giant project to be materialized with their nonstop and round-the-clock efforts.

The Tehran-Shomal Freeway will be a freeway in north of Iran, connecting Tehran to the cities of western Mazandaran.

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