‘Sacred Defense consolidated Iran’s territorial integrity’

Tehran, IRNA – Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Bagheri says no one dares to question Iran’s territorial integrity, which he said was consolidated during the Sacred Defense in the face of Iraq’s war of aggression.

“For centuries, no one will be able to easily try and cut off even a small part of Iran,” Bagheri said at a conference titled “Sacred Defense and its Impact on the National Security of Iran and West Asia” on Monday.

He said the Islamic Revolution put an end to centuries of decline and occupation in Iran, and was faced with a great war of aggression from which it emerged victorious.

The remarks came on the eve of the Sacred Defense Week in Iran, which starts on September 22. The Week is annually celebrated nationwide to mark martyrs and war veterans of the Iraqi-imposed war on Iran in 1980-88.

“The Sacred Defense is a history-making beginning for the Iranian nation. The history of the Iranian nation had a different form before the Sacred Defense and the Islamic Revolution, after which it took a new, evolved form,” Bagheri said.

“The territorial integrity of our country was consolidated,” he noted. “No one would crave to invade or occupy a part of this country so easily anymore.”

The top Iranian general also pointed to the commotion created by the enemies who say Iran is sending weapons to the Axis of Resistance in Lebanon and Palestine, adding, “Hezbollah and Palestinian fighters no longer need us, they produce the weapons they need.”

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