Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Chief Urges US, UK to Leave Iran Alone

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), Sergei Naryshkin, called on the United States and the United Kingdom to refrain from interfering in Iran and focus on their own affairs.

Speaking at a security forum near Moscow, Naryshkin advised the “Anglo-Saxons to take care of their own internal civil conflicts. Or better yet, go to their old pal – the devil,” as quoted by Russia Today. He made these remarks in response to the US and UK’s approach toward Iran.

Naryshkin said Washington and London are troubled by China’s success in facilitating the reconciliation between Iran and Saudi Arabia and perceive the normalization efforts in a negative light. He stated that the two allies are concerned that Beijing’s diplomatic activities in the region might undermine their long-term strategy to weaken Iran.

Furthermore, Naryshkin said that American and British government agencies have been assigned to undermine China’s diplomatic endeavors and discredit its role as a mediator.

In March, Iran and Saudi Arabia agreed to restore diplomatic ties and announced plans to reopen their respective embassies as part of a deal brokered by China. Iran has recently appointed its new ambassador to Saudi Arabia, following a similar move by the Saudi kingdom.

Naryshkin also accused the US of training Daesh members at its al-Tanf military base in Syria, near the borders of Jordan and Iraq, for acts of sabotage in Russia. He emphasized that the US maintains an illegal military presence in northeastern Syria, occupying part of the sovereign state. Additionally, Naryshkin criticized the US for waging an economic war through sanctions against Damascus, hindering the country’s restoration efforts.

The Russian intelligence chief accused Washington and London of obstructing efforts to reach a settlement in the conflict in Ukraine and turning a blind eye to increasing “terrorism and violence” perpetrated against civilians by Ukraine. He expressed satisfaction that most countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America have not imposed sanctions on Russia over its actions in Ukraine, despite significant pressure from the US.

Naryshkin further accused the West of resisting the shift toward a multipolar world and making efforts to impede the rise of other powers. He argued that Western powers could contribute to global security and prosperity but emphasized the need for them to act as one of several centers in a multipolar world. However, he said that the “insane vanity” of these nations prevents them from engaging on an equal footing with other players.

Naryshkin concluded his remarks by stating that “turbulent periods (in world history) are essentially a test of the extent to which nations and peoples have preserved their true foundations.” He asserted that Russia and other countries have maintained significant strength and strategic depth in this regard, unlike the West. Quoting from the Bible, he added that “their end will correspond to their deeds” and predicted a bleak fate for America and Britain.

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