Putin meets Iranian envoy following helicopter accident

In a break from his usual messaging, Putin refers to fighting in Ukraine as a "war"

Iran’s Ambassador, Kazem Jalali revealed the news and told local Iranian media about the details of his meeting with the President of the Russian Federation.

“Mr. Putin, despite Sunday being a holiday in Russia, held a meeting at 10:00 PM with the presence of senior officials of the country’s defense and security apparatus and upon the invitation, I attended this meeting as the ambassador of the Islamic Republic”, Jalali said.

He added: “Russia’s Minister of Defense, Andrey Belousov; Secretary of the National Security Council, Sergei Shoigu; Chief of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov; Minister of Civil Defense, Emergencies and Disaster Relief Alexander Korenkov; Special Assistant to the President, Igor Levitin and, one of the senior officials of the Federal Security Organization were present in the meeting”

“Mr. Putin first addressed me and told that we were very saddened by the Iran president’s helicopter accident and we will do whatever is necessary to help”, the Iranian ambassador said while elaborating on the meeting.

According to him, Putin said that “we are very worried and upset in this regard. Be sure to convey my message to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution that we are ready to do whatever is necessary”.

During the meeting, according to Jalali, the Russian President also announced that this country has prepared two planes with 50 of the country’s best forces with full equipment and trained climbers to enter the crash area.

Jalali continued: “In addition, two Russian helicopters are also ready to join the rescue operation from Armenia on Monday morning”.

The Iranian ambassador said that he explained about the adverse weather conditions when the Russian president asked him about the details of the incident and whether a signal was received from the ill-fated helicopter.

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