Palestine Islamic World’s Top Priority: Iranian President

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Describing the issue of Palestine as the Islamic world’s number one priority, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi stressed the need for all Muslims to feel bound to support the oppressed people in Palestine, Yemen, Afghanistan and Myanmar.

The Iranian president paid a visit to the Islamic Center of Jakarta and delivered an address to the Shiite Muslims during his official visit to Indonesia on Tuesday.

He described the love for the prophets and the imams as one of the distinguished characteristics of the people of Indonesia, emphasized the necessity of unity in the Islamic world in order to thwart the plot of enemies, and described Takfirism and division among Muslims as the result of deviating from the path of the prophets.

The Iranian president considered the development of economic, political, cultural and civilizational relations with Indonesia as one of the goals of his visit to the Southeast Asian country and stated, “The two countries have a definite and serious will to develop relations and the diverse capacities in the two countries are a suitable platform for operationalizing this will.”

Raisi also considered attention to others and altruism in the light of God’s love as among the very important functions of mosques and Islamic centers, in addition to worship and offering prayers.

He also called Palestine the first priority of the Islamic Ummah and emphasized the need for Muslims to feel responsible for the oppressed people of Yemen, Afghanistan, and Myanmar along with the oppressed people of Palestine, the president’s official website reported.

The president stated that the reason for today’s opposition of the domination system to the Islamic Republic of Iran is that it doesn’t surrender to hegemony and stated, “Our definite policy is to develop and deepen relations with Islamic countries, and if the enemies of the Islamic Ummah are angry and upset about the good relations between Muslims, they should die with this anger because day by day the relationship between us will become more sincere, closer and stronger.”

“Today, the conditions of the world are changing in favor of resistance and standing against the enemies of the Islamic world. With the blessing of the pure blood of the martyrs of the global Islamic movement, ignorance is being dismantled from Muslim societies, and day by day the resistance and right-seeking will become stronger and the enemies of Islam will become weaker. This is a divine promise and it will definitely come true,” he concluded.

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