Open Letter to President Trump

To: The Honorable Donald J. Trump

The President of the United States of America

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave

Washington, DC. 20008

Date:  December 31st, 2018


The Honorable President Trump:

Please accept our sincerest congratulations and warm wishes to you and your great nation, the people of America, for the New Year 2019!

Please allow us, the undersigned from various backgrounds from inside Iran and abroad to express our deepest gratitude to you, the first world leader in 39 years who has the courage to speak to the Iranian nation directly, and hear their voices through the darkest veil of tyranny of Islamic State of Occupied Iran. Since beginning your presidency two years ago, and declaring victory with the American people to Make America Great Again, Iranians have also tried to join forces to uprise against the evil of theocratic kleptocracy of the Islamic Republic. While day after day our voices go unheard by main-stream media, the occupying apartheid regime is preparing to celebrate its 40th year of occupation of our beloved country. Iranians’ basic human right to access clean water and air has been compromised with experts predicting forced migration of masses in a few years. Day to day Iranians are subject to random public humiliation. Raging Poverty, corruption, bribery, substance abuse, prostitution, torture and public execution of Iranians without fair trial, have made Iran rank the top depressed nation in the world. While the Islamic Republic is exporting Iran’s fresh water and fertile soil abroad for free to export its ideology, poverty-stricken Iranians have sought home inside graves.

When Khomeini and his supporters occupied Iran in 1979, the Royal Army surrendered to prevent a Syrian-like civil war. Nonetheless, establishing a global Islamic state was declared the number one priority by the totalitarian regime. To accomplish this goal, regime rulers’ family members and loyal supporters were launched into Ivy league universities, western main-stream media, and as owners of lucrative businesses to promote the Islamic Republic invasion agenda; thus enabling this seven headed dragon nest in the freedom of the West while silencing opposition through exporting terrorism and mass executions.

It is clear that the United States of America has suffered tremendously from the destructive operations of the occupying Islamic regime. The international terrorist groups such as Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Jihadist groups, to name a few, are bi-products of the Islamic Republic of Iran, fixated on exporting Islamic revolution globally. This regime not only is the enemy of Iranian People, but also their source of conflicts and chaos in the Middle East and beyond—a serious threat to the security of the International Community. The extent of the destructive behaviour of Islamic regime is practically visible all around the globe. Their hands are bloodied with the brave American Soldiers’ blood who courageously sacrificed their lives to help the struggling Afghan and Iraqi people in the fight against radical Islamic terrorism.

Today, after four decades of continuous criminal and anti- humanitarian behaviour, it is clear to the world that, as long as this turbulent regime exists and survives its disgraceful life, the idea of global peace and security will be nothing but a false dream.

For several years and more consistently, yet specifically since December 2017, Iranians have been calling their legitimate National Symbol, Reza Pahlavi, Crown Prince of Iran from smallest villages to largest cities to return to Iran and restore ecological, economical, rule of law, order and stability back in Iran. Time after time, Iranians have declared the theocratic apartheid kleptocratic Islamic Republic illegitimate and expressed love and friendship for free nations. We are aware that we have not been able to fight the Islamic Republic of Iran due to lack of organized trusted financial support. Repeatedly, Iranians have expressed trust and solidarity with Prince Reza Pahlavi for free elections after fall of the Islamic Republic Occupied Iran. In addition, he is Iran’s legitimate leader based on Iran’s Parliamentary Constitution and Royal Oath Iranians Respect. Any effective campaign of this magnitude needs financial support to enable Iranians with their most trusted opposition leader to establish a federally supervised Trust Fund. Thereby, forming an effective organized coalition and campaign against apartheid Islamic Republic Occupied ran.

Mr. President, we hereby respectfully request that you release Iranian funds to Iranians, the real owners of the funds. In addition, we more urgently request your government to freeze stolen Iranian assets by the occupying Islamic Republic in Iran, so these funds can be utilized to create a democratic Iran and build infrastructure after the Iranian people Reclaim Iran Again.

Through 39 years of consistent opposition Prince Reza Pahlavi has proven his only goal to free 80 Million hostages and peacefully transition Iran into a democratic state with Free Elections to establish a new secular Democratic Constitution. Iranians love free nations and want access to Free and Fair Trade again. To effectively stabilize the most volatile region of the world Iranians trust Iran’s legitimate National Symbol, Prince Reza Pahlavi.

Iranians are a peaceful nation, with centuries of rich culture who believe our shared values with the free world will prevail war, insecurity and chaos. We believe Light will overcome darkness through compassion and cooperation of nations with each other.


Marjaneh Rouhani

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