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NATO States Must Decide If They Want to Make Friends in Earnest: Russia

NATO member countries should make up their mind regarding their policies towards Moscow, if they really do not want to be included in the lists of unfriendly states, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

NATO’s summit in Brussels on Monday urged Russia to remove the Czech Republic and the United States from the list of unfriendly countries.

“If I got their message right, NATO has in fact expressed its wish to make friends, hasn’t it? The logic is simple: a request for being removed from the list of unfriendly ones implies they wish to be considered as friends,” Zakharova wrote in her Telegram-channel, TASS reported.

“And they did so despite our behavior that they continue to regard as ‘irresponsible and dangerous’? Time is ripe for them to make up their mind: either they stop thinking up spy stories, which they use as a pretext to impose sanctions, or feel no surprise the moment they see themselves on the lists of unfriendly ones,” Zakharova said.

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