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Martial Law Proposed To Contain COVID-19 In Iran

A member of the Scientific Committee of Iran’s National Coronavirus Combat and Prevention Headquarters, Majid Mokhtari, says the COVID-19 pandemic is a “grave” issue that addition to quarantine may require “martial law.”

Speaking on a TV program, Mokhtari also defended the proposal to close Tehran for two weeks.

The Chief-Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, Hossein Salami, also said last Friday that “as part of a national plan, a door-to-door operation will go underway in search of the coronavirus carriers. We will attack the places where the coronavirus has settled or spread.”

In recent days, Tehran representatives to the Majlis Iranian Parliament and Provincial Health Committee members, including the governor, chairman and three members of the Tehran City Council, have proposed to lock down Tehran province for two weeks.

Tehran city councilors have tabled the proposal since mid-October, but the National Coronavirus Combat and Prevention Headquarters has not considered it.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Commander of the Greater Tehran Police for Supervision of Commercial Places, IRGC Colonel Nader Moradi, announced that the closure of some businesses in Tehran had been extended for another week.

Based on an earlier resolution of the Greater Tehran Police for Supervision of Commercial Places, hairdressers and beauty salons, coffee shops, fitness clubs, teahouses, cinemas and libraries, reception halls and indoor sports centers are closed, and holding Shi’ites’ mourning and religious ceremonies, wedding parties, and live conferences are prohibited.

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