Iran’s Tax Receipts Up 52% Y/Y in 5 Months: INTA

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran collected more than $5.75 billion worth of tax revenues in the five months to August 22 as receipts rose by 52% year on year, according to the figures announced by the Iranian National Tax Administration (INTA).

INTA figures published on Tuesday showed that total tax revenues collected over the March-August period had reached nearly 2,820 trillion rials.

The figure is equal to 90% of a five-month target set in the budget law adopted for the current calendar year that started in late March.

The INTA said direct tax had accounted for 1,800 trillion rials of revenues over the five months to late August, adding that the figure includes 1,110 trillion rials in corporate tax, some 570 trillion rials in income tax and 120 trillion rials in tax on wealth.

Tax receipts in the first five months of the current Iranian calendar year to late August reached 650 trillion rials, up 59% compared to same period of last year and slightly higher than the budget law target, showed the INTA data which also indicated that indirect tax had accounted for 27.6% of taxes collected over the month to late August.

Iran has sought to rely more on tax revenues since 2018 when its oil exports came under American sanctions, Press TV reported.

The government has introduced measures to boost tax receipts, including by making use of online systems to prevent tax dodging by businesses.

New taxes have also been introduced, including the tax on vacant homes, as part of the government’s drive to boost taxation and revenue to avoid over-dependence on oil income.

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