Iranians Outcry: Rescue Iran From Failed State of Mullahs

Attention: Director

Division for Ocean Affairs and Law of the Sea

The Office of Legal Affairs

Room DC2-0450, United Nations

New York, NY 10017, US

Dear International Community:

Whereas numerous letters and petitions from Iranians from inside and out side Iran have been issued regarding Iran’s Caspian Sea, the international community has remained regrettably seemingly silent. Iranians are deeply concerned about mischievous Islamic Republic Occupied Iran behavior that has continued to dwindle Iran’s natural resources with catastrophic consequences of more than 50% of Iranians living under poverty line with some resorting to graves as homes.

Since August 11, 2018, Iranians through various media have vehemently voiced contest to the recent treaty orchestrated by the Russian government; without any Iranians’ consents and signed behind closed doors with the occupying regime relinquishing most of Iran’s Caspian Sea right to Russia.  Many have emphasized this treaty was signed absent any legitimate Iranian representative while the nation is under severe duress due to forty year failure policies of occupying regime’s  Shi’a expansionism.  The Islamic Republic has  created ecological and environmental disasters for Iranians by allowing illegal oil drillings by Russia from the  Caspian basin with the most pollution dumping into the sea from Russians industrial escapades without any accountability. the occupying regime has never protected Iran’s interests due to their ideological mission for  global theocracy and innate lack of National Territorial concept to act on behalf of Iranians. Islamic Republic Occupied Iran explicit foregoing of iran’s territorial integrity to Russia while Iranians Rights could have  been very well protected under international treaties and specifically under United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, is a violation of Iranians’ basic access to human Rights to their natural resources.

According to Rajab Safarov, an advisor to Russia’s special Caspian Sea working group, it was the Islamic Republic Occupying Regime that offered to reduce Iran’s share from 50 percent to 10 Percent whereby only the Russian Navy will sail the Caspian Sea. Iranians , emphatically implore the international community to hear their outcry regarding their basic human rights access to their resources and remain a Nation without Representation in any such treaties. Declaring  the Islamic Republic Leaders and its illegitimate Parliament subject to treason and Human Rights violations must be considered due to many lives impacted by their criminal activities.

Legal solution has been proposed on prior letters and petitions to establish grounds to enforce Iran’s true Constitution 1906 and its reforms of 1963 (the White Revolution) and empower Iranians to preserve  Iran’s territorial integrity and prevent another global catastrophe.

Withe Respect,

Marjaneh Rouhani, MD, Political Activist, USA

Nahid Shahin, Political Activist, Canada

Shabnam Assadollahi, Former child prisoner in Iran, Human Rights Activist, Freelance, Canada

Mahboubeh Hosseinpour, Political Activist, USA

Soheila Kamali, Political Activist, England

Mina Rezvani, Political Activist, USA

Rozita Manteghi, Women’s Rights Activist, France

Shokouh Ershadi, Human Rights Activist, Journalist, Sweden

Pari Askari, Political Activist, Journalist, Holland

Sima Tajdini, Human Rights Activist, Canada

Roxanne Ganji, Political Activist, Journalist, USA

Pouran Guiti Behi, Political Activist, USA

Sara Basti, Ploitical Activist, Germany

Faranak Azad, Political Activist, USA

Rouya Abdi, Political Activist, Journalist, Germany

Sara Safiri, Political Activist, England

Maliheh Rouzbeh, Women’s Rights Activist, USA

Fatemeh Minayee, Women’s Rights Activist, USA

Firouzeh Ghaffarpour, Political Activist, USA

Fariba Majdnia, Women’s Rights Activist, Denmark

Zahra Aziz, Human Rights, Activist, Germany

Mehnoush Bakhtiari, Author and Human Rights Activist, Sweden

Sefideh Sami, Women’s Rights Activist, Norway

Vida Tehrani, Women’s Rights Activist, Sweden

Rozita Ras, Political Activist, UK

Tatiana Mahmoudi, Child Educator, Canada

Masoumeh Alavi

Delnavaz Jahankhah

Moj Banks, PhD, USA

Philip Banks, PhD, USA

Soheila Flatoun

Soudabeh Tadj

Laleh Bani-Saeid,

Mahnaz Ganjali, Political Activist, Author and Journalist, USA

Golnaz Soroush, Political Activist, Australia

Mahnaz Abbaspour, Canada

Sara Arjand, Political Activist, Germany

Fariba Shirvani, Political Activist, France

Shamsi Famil, Political Activist, USA

Donya Azad, Political Activist, Holland

Faranak Mah, Political Activist, USA

Parisima Pashayie Raad- Nelson, Political Activist, Canada

Parvaneh Tavali, Political Activist, USA

Satggin Jalali, Political Activist, USA

Fariba Mansourian, Political Activist, France

Maryam Hemmati, Political Activist, Canada

Kendra Malczyk, Human Rights Activist, USA

Reza Rouhani, USA

Mersedeh Rouhani, USA

Dr Hooshang Lahooti – Principal Scientist and Lecturer, Sydney Medical School, Nepean Campus, the University of Sydney, Australia

Javid Javan, PhD, Political Activist, USA

Hamid Ghahremani, Political Activist, USA

Nik Jafarzadeh , Political Activist, Germany

Sia Ayrom, Houston TX

Ahmad Mostafalou, MD, Political Activist, Canada

Kaveh Taheri, Turkey-based Iranian journalist and former political prisoner in Iran

Farnoosh Aghili, Turkey

Fereydon Abdollahyan, Political activist, Human Rights activist, UK

Arash H. Hourmaznia, Human rights advocate, Netherlands

Maj. Mostafa Arab,PhD

Kamran Alford

Reza jayez

Shahriar Hashemi Beverly Hills, California, USA

Reza Rafati

Slater Bakhtavar, Attorney, Foreign policy analyst, Political activist

Poupak Pournazari, Canada

Ali kimiai, Political activist, USA

Vahid Abazari, UK

Saeed Ahmadi, Political activist, USA

Farah Sanei, Deutschland

Fardosht Amirpanahi

Firooz Behseresht

Parviz Khazaei,  member of Amnesty International Liechtenstein and Switzerland

Dr. Abbas Akrami, Political Prisoner and Political Activist, Iran

Ali Rafei, Political Prisoner and Political Activist, Dubai

Ali Shahabi, Political Activist

Nooshin Khajeh

Farhad Zibabeen

Ahmad Mardani

Khosro Sheyda, Musician and Producer London, UK

Alfred Abramian, Political Activist, Sydney, Australia

Siavash Harart

Ahmad Namdari

Naser Diako

Amir Shafiy,  Director of CSC company management consultant,UK

Bahram Kondori, Political Activist, USA

Kaveh Khosromehr, Political Analyst, Europe

Mehrang Moradi, political Activist/Business man USA

Gary Izad Panah, Paltical Activist USA

Shahryar Hashemi_political Activist/Business Man USA

Siavash Azari, Political Activist, Journalist USA

Cyrus Falatoon, Political Activist, Production Engineer USA

Alireza Vafaei, University Lecturer, Australia

Sharar konourTabrizi, Political Activist Cyprus

Anna S

Afahin Payravi

Saied Moradi

Fateh Slaehi Raz

Kaveh Khosromehr, Political Analyst, Europe

Mehrang Moradi, political Activist, Businessman USA

Gary Izad Panah, Political Activist USA

Shahryar Hashemi, political Activist, Businessman USA

Siavash Azari, Political Activist, Journalist USA

Cyrus Falatoon, Political Activist, Production Engineer USA

Ali Mohseni , PhD

Sonya Mohseni,  PhD

Nathan Mohseni, MD

Hossein Tasbaz

Nazanin Danesh

Vahid R. Afshar, Political Activist, Canada

Ali Vakili, Canada

Bahram Bahrami

Siyamak Shahbazi, Canada

Afshin Taraz, Canada

Abbas Shahidnia, Canada

Isa Askarizadeh, Canada

Hooshang Afsheen, Canada

Freshteh Afsheen, Canada

Firoozi Family, Canada

Mehdi Amin, Canada


To add your name to this letter, please visit apadanamedia.organd simply put your name in the comment box. Thank you

See attached current petition Iranian put forth

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