Iranians participated in a social media poll and chose HIM Reza Pahlavi as the Person of Year 2020 for all the hard work and human right advocacy he has done on behalf of  the voiceless Iranians during the past forty one years. In addition, to the poll, Iranians have called for HIM Reza Pahlavi who travels often and while very down to earth he uses any avenue to be a voice for Iranians who are now brutally facing genocide by COVID-19 due to Islamic Republic failed state. HIM Reza Pahlavi is close contact with many Iranians inside Iran who consistently expressed regrets about how their fathers contributed to the 1979 take over by Khomeini. According to many Iranians who call for immediate enforcement of Iran’s Constitution 1906 to end crisis after crisis in Iran, he is the exiled Shah of Iran and should be given every opportunity by the global leaders to formally declare his status and return to Iran.

Reza Pahlavi was born in Tehran, Iran on October 31, 1960 as the heir to the late Mohammad Reza Shah of Iran and Empress Farah Pahlavi of Iran. He was officially named Crown Prince in 1967 at the time of his father’s coronation. In 1978, at the age of 17, he left Iran for jet fighter training in the United States Air Force at Reese Air Force Base in Lubbock, Texas. During this same period, the building unrest in Iran led to the royal family’s departure in January 1979. And, during the instability that followed, the Government of Iran was taken over by Islamists. The Islamists established a theocratic regime, preventing Reza Pahlavi’s return to his homeland.

Reza Pahlavi completed the United States Air Force Training Program. During his first exile years, he continued and completed his higher education with a degree in political science from the University of Southern California. As an accomplished jet fighter pilot, Reza Pahlavi volunteered to serve his country’s military as a fighter pilot during the Iran-Iraq War, but was declined by the clerical regime.

Despite being forced to live in exile, Reza Pahlavi’s commitment and patriotic duty to Iran endures. For almost four decades, Reza Pahlavi has been a leader and advocate of the principles of freedom, democracy and human rights for his countrymen. He maintains constant contact with his compatriots and opposition groups, both inside and outside the country. Pahlavi travels the world meeting with heads of state, legislators, policy-makers, interest groups and student groups speaking about the plight of Iranians under the Islamic regime in Iran. He consistently speaks out against the widespread abuse and oppression of the Iranian people and calls for the establishment of a secular democracy in Iran. He calls for regime change through non-violent civil disobedience, and for a free and open referendum on a new government of Iran.

In addition to numerous articles published, Reza Pahlavi has written three books on the state of affairs in Iran: Gozashteh va Ayandeh (Kayhan Publishing, 2000); Winds of Change: The Future of Democracy in Iran (Regnery, 2002); and IRAN: La Heure du Choix [IRAN: The Deciding Hour] (Denoël, 2009). He also has a featured column in The Huffington Post.


Apandana Freedom Foundation Congratulates Reza Shah Pahlavi II, of Iran on his accomplishments and Iranian’s Choice Person of the year award and supports the Will of Iranians to enforce Constitution 1906 and its progressive reforms of 1963.



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