Iran Unveils 2022 Report on US Human Rights Violations

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The 2022 edition of the report on human rights violations in the United States was released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran on Wednesday.

The 59 page document, compiled by the General Directorate of Women and Human Rights, examines and clarifies the most important instances of human rights violations committed by the United States at both domestic and international levels.

The English version of the report is available here.

The first part of the report examines the broad aspects of the US’ anti-human rights actions at the domestic level, including but not limited to: increase in the culture of using weapons, illegal use of coercive force by the police against minorities, targeted discrimination against people of African descent by the police and judicial system, complex modus operandi of issuing the death penalty and discriminatory implementation thereof against minorities of color, violent treatment of asylum seekers, spike in sexual violence against women, violation of children’s rights, violation of indigenous peoples’ rights, imposition of sanctions against other countries, and interference in their internal affairs.

The second part of the report touches upon the anti-human rights actions perpetrated by the United States at the international level, the hypocrisy thereof in claiming to be the global flag-bearer of human rights, and the instrumentalization of human rights for interfering in and commenting on the situation of human rights in other countries.

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