Iran reacts to Iranian media team deportation by Saudi Arabia

While welcoming the deported media delegation in Tehran on Wednesday morning, Jebeli told reporters that he is not notified of the reason for their arrest and deportation.

Legal measures will be taken to follow up on this issue, he stressed.

A team of Iranian media activists were deported by Saudi Arabia on Tuesday night.

This media team, including 6 journalists and a documentary filmmaker, was arrested last Tuesday while recording the recitation of the Holy Quran in the Al Masjid an Nabawi, and after a few hours of interrogation, they were taken to the detention center of the medina police without being notified of any specified reason.

This media team was deported from Saudi Arabia last night without performing Hajj rituals.

Two days later, the Saudi police arrested two journalists from Iran, including a reporter from Al-Alam and a reporter from IRIB, when they got out of the car to attend a praying ceremony at the hotel where the Iranian pilgrims were stationed, without taking any action. The two reporters were also taken to the detention center.

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