Iran Praises Algeria for Repelling Israel’s Influence in Africa

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The president of Iran commended Algeria for hindering the Zionist regime’s influence on the African Union.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and his Algerian counterpart Abdelmadjid Tebboune met on the sidelines of the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Monday.

Highlighting the good capacities of Iran and Algeria, Raisi emphasized the efforts by the officials of the two countries to improve the level of relations, especially in the commercial and economic fields.

“The improvement of relations between Iran and Algeria was stopped due to the special circumstances of coronavirus, which should be restored and improved with the efforts of the officials of the two countries,” Raisi added, his official website reported.

He also described the activation of the joint commissions of the two countries as an effective way to expand cooperation.

Raisi then appreciated the positions of the Algerian president in supporting the oppressed people of Palestine and condemning the actions of the Zionist regime, as well as the positions of Algeria in the African Union in preventing Zionist influence.

He then expressed hope that the cooperation between the two countries in the political, economic and commercial fields would increase at the regional and international levels.

Iran has no problem in developing relations with the neighboring countries, the president added, slamming the interference by the Western countries, especially the US, as the cause of disruption in the relations among the regional states.

For his part, the Algerian president referred to the history of good relations between the two countries and emphasized the serious efforts to revive and improve the relations between Iran and Algeria.

Tebboune said he is familiar with the political, economic, scientific and research capacities of Iran, and demanded cooperation with Iran in various fields.

“We know that sanctions have turned Iran into a powerful country and we are ready to improve our relations with Iran,” the Algerian leader added.

He also reaffirmed his country’s support for the rights of the Palestinian people in the creation of an independent Palestinian state, saying stronger relations among the Islamic and regional countries have increased the strength of these countries in dealing with threats.

Tebboune also stated that the Western countries seek to abuse the countries of the region, and emphasized the necessity of confronting the influence and interference of the Western countries.

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