Iran always seeking stable, secure, powerful Iraq

The Iranian Foreign Ministry, in a statement, wished health to the injured and forgiveness for the dead in recent incidents in Iraq.

“Iran believes that the only solution for Iraq out the current crisis is to resort to dialogue-oriented approaches, maintain citizen’s rights, respect the country’s legal organizations, adhere to the constitution and political processes,” the statement said, appreciating the wisdom of the Iraqi government and people for overcoming sedition.

It is hoped that all Iraqi political groups and parties will pay the way for the formation of a new government with their constructive participation in the political process, the statement added.

The Islamic Republic of Iran always seeks a stable, secure, powerful Iraq that plays a constructive role in regional developments, the statement noted.

Iran calls on all political parties to respect each other’s rights and demands in a peaceful and dialogue-oriented process and follow up their demands through legal channels of the country.


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