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Electronic Warfare Exercise Kicks Off in Iran

The Iranian Army staged a large-scale drill on Tuesday to practice electronic warfare tactics.

The joint war game, dubbed ‘Sky Shield 1400’, involves electronic warfare forces from the four units of the Army, namely the Ground Force, Air Force, Navy, and Air Defense.

The drill’s headquarters is located in the central province of Isfahan and it covers vast areas of Iran.

Organizers have described the war game as “the most practical joint exercise” that the electronic warfare units have held in recent years.

Rapid reaction forces and the Army Ground Force’s electronic warfare systems have been employed in the drill to exercise electronic defense and offense tactics.

Participants in the exercise carry out operations against small aircraft and intruding drones, practice aerial interception and cyber defense maneuvers, and evaluate eavesdropping, electronic jamming and target detection systems.

Iran’s Air Defense holds annual war games in order to enhance capabilities to defend the country’s airspace.

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