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Donald Trump for … speaker of the House?

Let’s go step by step.
1. Florida gained another seat in its congressional delegation thanks to faster-than-the-national-average growth over the last decade.
2. Republicans control both chambers in the state Legislature as well as the governorship, meaning they will have total control over the redistricting process and where the new seat will be drawn.
3. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is a BIG friend of former President Donald Trump.
4. Trump makes his permanent home in Palm Beach, Florida.
Which brings me to this exchange between the former President and conservative radio talk-show host Wayne Allyn Root late last week as recounted by the Washington Times:
ROOT: “Why not instead of just waiting for 2024, and I’m hoping you run in 2024, but why not run in 2022 for the United States Congress, a House seat in Florida, win big, lead us to a dramatic landslide victory, taking the House by 50 seats, and then you become the speaker of the House?” 
TRUMP: “You know, it’s very interesting. That’s so interesting. And people have said, run for the Senate, OK, run for the Senate, but you know what? Your idea might be better. It’s very interesting.”

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Now that idea doesn’t seem so crazy, does it?!
Well, OK, it’s still very unlikely to happen. Mostly because Trump doesn’t really seem like the kind of guy who would be cool serving in the House after he had been president. (John Quincy Adams he is not!) Too small potatoes for him — even as speaker!
And because every poll I’ve seen (and Trump has seen) shows him romping the potential 2024 GOP presidential field, it’s hard to imagine him deciding to run for a House seat in 2022 — no matter how easily he might be able to win a district drawn for him by pliant Florida Republicans.
But before we foreclose the idea of House Speaker Donald Trump in 2023, let me remind you that the speaker does not have to be an elected member of Congress. It can be anyone who a majority of House members choose.
Could that person be Trump? Probably not. OK, almost certainly not. But let’s remember this is a guy who thinks he might be reinstated as president this summer. There’s nothing — and I mean nothing — so outlandish that he wouldn’t at least consider it.
The Point: This speculation is just that: speculation. Of course, it’s speculation that the former President called “very interesting” not once but twice less than a week ago. So …
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