‘Deadline for terrorists expulsion from Iraq not to be extended’

The presence of the US forces in Iraq is illegal and the cause of instability, Nasser Kanaani told reporters at his weekly press briefing held in Tehran on Monday.

Regarding the presence of American forces in Syria, Kanaani said that they are obligated to leave as soon as possible, in accordance with the wishes of the Syrian government and international law.


Iran-Iraq accord on armed groups

According to Kanaani, an agreement has been reached between Tehran and Baghdad. As per the accord, the Iraqi government has pledged to disarm the armed terrorist groups stationed in Iraq’s territory by September 19, and then, evacuate and transfer them from their military bases to camps designated by the Iraqi government.

The Iraqi government has conveyed the provisions of the accord to officials in the Kurdistan region and Iran is now awaiting the implementation of the agreement, Kanaani said.

The September 19 deadline will not be extended under any circumstances and the Iranian authorities’ viewpoints have been conveyed to officials in Baghdad and the Kurdistan region, Kanaani noted, adding that the Iraqi side is well aware of the issue.

The relationship between Iran and Iraq is entirely friendly and warm. However, the presence of terrorists in the northern region of Iraq is an unpleasant stain on mutual ties, Kanaani argued.

Iran expects the Iraqi government to resolve this problem and is waiting for the full implementation of the bilateral accord.

Kanaani warned that if the Iraqi government does not fulfill its commitment by the end of the set deadline, Iran will act in line with its responsibility to guarantee its own security.


Iran-KRG relations are constructive

According to Kanaani, Iran’s relations with the Iraqi Kurdistan Region are constructive. He added that the Iraqi Kurdistan Region is one of Iran’s partners.

Kanaani also mentioned the Iranian foreign minister’s upcoming visit to Iraq, stating that he is likely to visit the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.


Iran’s oil exports

Despite the US’ unilateral sanctions, Iran has managed to continue oil exports, he said.

Within the framework of negotiations to lift sanctions, we seek to remove the restrictions on Iran’s oil exports, he stated.

Kanaani termed the seizure of Iran’s oil shipment by the United States as unconstructive.

On the one hand, the United States shows its interest in direct dialogue with Iran, and on the other hand, we are witnessing the imposition of fresh sanctions and the seizure of Iran’s oil shipment, he said, adding that the Swiss chargé d’affaires, as US interest sanction in Iran, has been summoned in this regard, he said.

Iran’s office in the United Nations also took official measures and the US administration should know that the aggression against the Iranians will not remain unanswered he added.


Persian Gulf forum for talks

About a forum under the initiative of the UN secretary general for holding talks between the Persian Gulf littoral states, the spokesman said the dialogue will be held on the sidelines of the upcoming UN General Assembly session slated for September.

As the spokesman underlined, the forum aims to expand cooperation among the eight littoral states in the Persian Gulf region.

He went on to say that the Islamic Republic of Iran and other countries have agreed to the UN initiative.

The UN General Assembly session will be an ample opportunity for developing diplomatic potential, he stressed.


Talks on removal of sanctions

Regarding the issue of sanctions, Kanaani stated that Iran is committed to the process of talks on lifting sanctions and does not lose diplomatic opportunities for removing unilateral sanctions.


Iran’s regional relationships

Kanaani announced that Iran is seeking to restore diplomatic ties with Bahrain and that messages have been exchanged between the two countries and indirect negotiations are currently underway. Iran is keen to expand its relations with all neighboring states based on mutual interests but has specific considerations and expectations when it comes to Bahrain, which is being addressed through diplomatic channels.

He also commented on a recent plot to harm the Iran-Iraq relationship, calling it a provocative move aimed at disrupting the amicable relations between the two countries and portraying an insecure image of their border areas. However, he stated that such plots could not affect the excellent relations between Tehran and Baghdad, thanks to the vigilance and mutual understanding of their high-ranking officials. He also mentioned that hostages were released.


Iran-Egypt ties

Touching upon Iran-Egypt ties, the spokesman said that the Iranian and the Egyptian officials are of the same opinion that the two sides enjoy diplomatic ties and negotiations are ongoing.


Iran-Russia defense relations

The spokesperson for the Iranian Foreign Ministry also discussed Iran’s diplomatic relations with Ukraine and Russia. The spokesperson noted that defense collaborations between Tehran and Moscow have been ongoing for several years within the framework of internationally recognized regulations. The spokesperson emphasized that this cooperation is unrelated to other issues.

The spokesperson also addressed the ongoing Western propaganda campaign against Iran-Russia defense cooperation, as portrayed in mainstream media. He said that the Islamic Republic has made it clear that it is not involved in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and argued that Iran has consistently emphasized its desire for an end to the confrontation and its belief that political negotiations are the only way to resolve the conflict.


Iran’s water right from Helmand

A technical delegation from Iran recently visited the Deh Rawood hydrometric station at the Kajaki Dam on the Helmand River, he said.

These visits should be conducted regularly to estimate the volume of water entering the dam, he added.

The spokesperson added that this action has been taken as a first step, but further measures are necessary, he stressed.


Iran’s membership in BRICS

The Iranian government aims to utilize the capacities of the BRICS group to achieve its commercial and economic objectives, Kanaani said.

Kanaani also stated that Iran will work with other members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to pursue its desired goals in accordance with the organization’s charter, he said.

Membership in these two groups is part of the Iranian government’s strategy to use multilateral mechanisms to achieve its goals, he added.


FM’s negotiations on holding a football match between Iran and Saudi Arabia

He discussed negotiations to hold football matches between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Kanaani emphasized the importance of this issue, noting that both countries are located in the same region and have a history of exciting games.

Kanaani also mentioned the Asian Football Confederation’s decision to hold the games in a third country, which was made in response to the halt in relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia. However, Kanaani expressed hope that future games between the two countries would be played on their national fields.

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