Colonial Powers Waning Rapidly: Shamkhani

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The decline of the colonial powers, above all the US, is taking place faster than expected in favor of the axis of resistance, Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani said.

Shamkhani made the remarks on Thursday as he addressed the closing ceremony of an international conference dubbed “New World Order Geometry” in Tehran.

“We are now at a critically historical juncture, and a change in the world order is accordingly of paramount importance. The new world order and mechanisms to approach it… would prompt us to review our macro policies,” Shamkhani said, Press TV reported.

He noted that the new world order can either provide great and brilliant opportunities, or pose threats and dangers, stating that the opportunities or threats of the new world order depend on countries’ behavior and preparation for such changes.

“We must prepare ourselves and increase our resilience for global transformations,” he said.

Shamkhani also underlined the need for preparation for the conditions brought about by the new world order and its consequent changes, emphasizing that readiness for such developments would enable one to make the most of the new world order.

Iran’s top security official highlighted the need for a change in the world order, saying the current world order only meets the interests of global powers.

The change in the world order is not positive in nature, but it is thorough preparation and effective role that would make it positive, Shamkhani said.

“Any new world order which would be established irrespective of just and divine codes will empower global arrogance,” Shamkhani warned, noting the current state of affairs could be in favor of the axis of resistance, but the doctrine of resistance should not be turned into a doctrine of domination.

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