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An open letter to Canadian Conservative MP in regards to her Support of an Anti-Semitic militant “Iranian” Group

An open letter to Canadian Conservative MP in regards to her Support of an Anti-Semitic militant “Iranian” Group

To: The Honourable MP Candice Bergen

Dear MP Bergen,

We appreciate the time you devote to serving our community.
We, a group of Canadians and Americans of Iranian origin are writing to you today to voice our concerns regarding an issue that is foremost on our community’s radar.

We are deeply troubled by your attendance at a gathering of an anti-Semitic Islamic-Marxist militant group by the name of MEK (People’s Mojahedin of Iran) in Paris, France during the summer of 2018.

Whereas one of the guiding principles of the Conservative Party has always been the unequivocal support of the state of Israel, it is truly disappointing to witness a prominent Party member associate with this extremist organization.

We also find it necessary to point out that the presence of Taissir Tamimi, a Palestinian chief judge with well documented anti-Semitic rhetoric as a keynote speaker does not reflect positively on your presence at this gathering.

Not to belabour the point, but below you’ll find some of his choice comments on Jews and Israel:

“The Jews have no rights in Jerusalem.”
“Jerusalem is an Arab and Islamic city and it has always been so.”

Please be an advocate of Canadian values and refute this extremism. Please let us know what efforts you are making to address this issue.


-Sara Akrami-Author and Translator, Canada
Shabnam Assadollahi, Human Rights Activist, Former Child prisoner of Evin, Canada
Babak Shekarabi, Political Activist, Canada
Shahram Sahandpanah, Political Activist, Canada
Farah Gilmour, Canada
Sia Ayrom, Political Activist, USA
Marjaneh Rouhani, MD, political activist, USA
Kaveh Taheri, Turkey-based Iranian journalist and researcher
Kendra Malczyk, Human Rights Advocate, USA
Penina Sarah, New York Attorney and Human Rights Advocate, Middle East security analyst, USA
Hooshang Lahooti, Principal Scientist and University Senior Lecturer, Australia
Sima Tajdini, Freelance Journalist, translator, Multidisciplinary Artist, Canada.
Khosro Fravahar (Samadi) Iranian TV and Radio Host, Political Analyst and Freedom Activist – in Exile, Vienna, Austria
Behrooz Gharavi, Human Rights Activist, Canada
Ahmad Mostafalou, Oncologist, Political Activist, Canada
Pari Zati, Retired Artist, Canada

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