AEOI chief says Iran will continue to develop nuclear tech.

Ahvaz, IRNA – Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Mohammad Eslami has said that the AEOI intends to develop nuclear technology in different fields in order for the people to witness its positive effects in their lives.

He made the remark at a meeting with the governor-general of Khuzestan province, southwestern Iran, in the provincial capital Ahvaz on Wednesday.

Eslami said that plans for developing nuclear technology by the AEOI are not just words, but it is a strategy the organization is pursuing based on a 20-year key document that President Ebrahim Raisi announced in March 2022.

Eslami explained that one of the goals set by the document is the development of power plants and irradiation systems which he said are widely used in the agriculture sector to produce wholesome products and reduce wastes.

He emphasized that nuclear energy is not used for making bombs only. The technology, the official added, is a modern-day one that leaves a great impact on people’s lives, and that is why the West is making attempts to prevent Iran from attaining nuclear technology.

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