Regular Weekly Flights to Be Launched from Iran’s Gorgan to Aktau in Kazakhstan

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Regular weekly flights from Gorgan in northern Iran to Aktau in Kazakhstan will be launched from June 29 due to high demands on the part of businessmen, Director General of Golestan Airports Ali Metanat said.

Gorgan-Aktau flights were initially launched once a month, but after negotiations, the number of these flights reached two flights per month, he stated.

Iranian citizens, Kazakhs in Golestan Province, and businessmen have welcomed these regular weekly flights from Gorgan International Airport to Aktau, he noted.

Until now, passengers could carry up to 25 kg of luggage for free, but for the comfort of passengers, this allowance is increased to 40 kg. In addition, the price of tickets from Gorgan to Aktau has decreased to 45,000,000 rials, Metanat added.

These flights develop and expand commercial, economic, and cultural relations between Kazakhstan and Iran, he said, adding that strengthening commercial ties and communication between citizens for leisure and travel and religious and medical purposes are among the benefits of increasing flights.

In addition, establishing a direct flight from Gorgan to Aktau will facilitate the relationship of nearly 20,000 Kazakhs living in Gorgan with their motherland, he went on to say.

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