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Milley pressed on claims he was concerned Trump would attempt coup

“I’m not going to comment on what’s in any of those books,” Milley said.
But Milley did stress that he and the other top military leaders have always “maintained” their oaths to the Constitution and not to any individual. “I want you to know, and I want everyone to know, I want America to know, that the United States military is an apolitical institution. We were then; we are now. And our oath is to the Constitution, not to any individual at all. And the military did not and will not and should not ever get involved in domestic politics. We don’t arbitrate elections. That’s the job of the judiciary and the legislature and the American people. It is not the job of the US military. We stayed out of politics. We’re an apolitical institution.”
The top US general reiterated that he has always presented the best military advice to Trump and President Joe Biden, “I always personally provided the best military professional advice to President Trump previously, to President Biden or any other president.”
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