Iranian President Slams West’s Instrumental Use of Human Rights

Iranian President Slams West’s Instrumental Use of Human Rights

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi blasted the West for exploiting the issue of human rights to put pressure on sovereign states.

Speaking at a joint press conference with his Ugandan counterpart, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, at the presidential palace in the capital Kampala on Wednesday, Raisi president criticized the West for using human rights as a political tool, stressing that the Islamic Republic is at the forefront of advocating human rights across the world.

“Western colonialism seeks to exert pressure on sovereign nations by exploiting the human rights issue, using it as a political tool and applying double standards,” he said.

He maintained that the promotion of human rights is a collective responsibility, stating, “In the Islamic Republic, we firmly believe that we are at the forefront of defending human rights. While the West claims to advocate for human rights, it is in the position of the accused, whereas we are the true advocates.”

Highlighting the violation of people’s rights by the West, Raisi stressed the importance of collective action, convergence, and cooperation in safeguarding human rights.

The Iranian president also stressed the importance of avoiding the exports of raw materials to the West, as desired by the imperialist countries.

“The West and the global arrogance prefer that countries export oil and raw materials, and turn such materials into value-added products. Therefore, all our efforts in Iran are focused on preventing sales of raw material,” Raisi said, Press TV reported.

He also called for expanding and strengthening relations with African countries, especially Uganda, in various fields.

Museveni, for his part, underlined the need to benefit from Iran’s valuable experience in countering the Western hegemony.

Raisi’s plane landed at Entebbe International Airport in the Ugandan capital of Kampala earlier on Wednesday, the second destination of the Iranian chief executive’s three-nation trip that took him to Kenya and will wrap up in Zimbabwe.

The Iranian president, accompanied by a high-ranking delegation, was officially received by Museveni at his presidential palace in Kampala, after which delegations from both sides held meetings.

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