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Iranian Envoy Raps Israeli Terrorist Acts as Crime against Humanity

Iran’s envoy to the international organizations in Vienna denounced the Israeli regime’s acts of terrorism against Palestinians as a serious violation of human rights and the UN Charter, crimes against humanity, and a threat to world peace and security.

In an address to the 30th session of the United Nations Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, held in Vienna on Monday, Kazem Gharibabadi strongly condemned the Zionist regime’s attacks against Palestine and called for an immediate end to all violent acts of the Zionist regime, such as the military strikes and terrorist activities.

He also denounced the Israeli regime’s massive and systematic attacks on the Palestinian civilians as a brazen violation of human rights, of the goals and principles of the UN Charter, a crime against humanity, and a threat to international peace and security.

The ambassador also noted that silence on such Israeli terrorist activities would be tantamount to encouraging and tolerating terrorism, and stressed that the international community must stand against such brutality.

Gharibabadi highlighted Iran’s serious resolve and strong commitment to the fight against terrorism, saying Tehran has proved its major role in the war on terrorism by assisting the affected countries and helping dismantle the terrorist groups across the region.

Since May 10, at least 218 Palestinians, including 59 children and 35 women, have died during a significant escalation in the Israeli military’s attacks against Gaza.

Scores of others have also died in the nearby Israeli-occupied Palestinian territory of the West Bank, during the regime’s attacks on Palestinian worshippers and protesters.

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