Iran Rejects US State Department’s Human Rights Report as Baseless, Politically Motivated

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The spokesperson for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Kanaani, dismissed the latest annual report by the US State Department on Iran’s human rights situation, calling it baseless, without credibility, and politically motivated.

Kanaani criticized the US government’s interventionist approach towards independent countries and said the report has no legitimacy to judge or evaluate human rights issues in international relations.

The spokesperson emphasized the loftiness and importance of human rights in Iran’s Constitution, laws, and regulations, and stressed that the US has no authority to speak about the values of human rights in other countries. He stated that there is no expectation from the US imperialist regime to express the facts and realities of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He pointed out the extensive human rights violations by the US government, both domestically and internationally, including the use of violence by police against individuals, structural and targeted discrimination against African Americans, suppression of protesters, mistreatment of refugees and their children, inhumane prison conditions, especially in Southern states, and the slave-like treatment of prisoners.

Kanani also accused the US of hypocritically claiming to defend human rights while systematically violating the rights of the Iranian people through unjust, illegal, and unilateral sanctions.

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