Iran Refutes Allegations in G7 Statement

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Iranian Foreign Ministry dismissed the baseless and interfering accusations made against Tehran in a statement of the foreign ministers of the Group of Seven (G7) countries.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the Foreign Ministry described the G7 statement as implying the unilateral approach of Western parties who violate regional and international peace, stability and security and are trying to impose the group’s will on independent nations, multilateral frameworks and international cooperation.

“It is regrettable that the member states of G7 have leveled unfounded allegations against Iran’s peaceful nuclear program instead of holding the United States accountable for its clear violation of international law due to its unjustified and unilateral withdrawal from the JCPOA, its violation of Security Council Resolution 2231, and its imposition of inhumane sanctions on the Iranian nation, which constitute a crime against humanity as they have had an irreparable impact on the fundamental rights of the Iranian nation,” the statement added.

“This is while the Islamic Republic of Iran has always underlined that nuclear weapons, in addition to be haram (forbidden) religiously, have never had and will never have any place in the country’s defense-security strategy and doctrine. The Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to continue its technical and constructive cooperation and interactions with the International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA, within the framework of the NPT and the Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement, and it expects other countries to avoid acting politically and interfering in the technical cooperation between Iran and the agency through pressuring the international organization.

“While reaffirming its determination to continue a constructive and responsible approach to resume and finalize the Vienna talks based on the agreed criteria contained in the draft of the negotiations, the Islamic Republic of Iran considers further interruption in the discussions as a result of the West’s miscalculation and wrong policies and approaches, and holds the Western sides responsible for the persistence of this situation,” the statement said, according to the Foreign Ministry’s website.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran also reminds the members of G7 of their international responsibility as they have complied with the illegal and inhumane sanctions of the United States against the Iranian people,” it noted.

“While West Asian countries, through understanding the realities of the region and the importance of the continuity and inherence of regional security, have underlined their resolve to strengthen peace and stability in the region based on mutual respect, the issuance of such a statement by G7 is no more than an irresponsible, misguided and non-constructive action,” read the statement.

“We remind the foreign ministers of Group7 that they owe the security of navigation in the important waterways of the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz in the past decades to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s responsible approach. Leveling accusations against Iran is just an irresponsible blame-game to justify the disruptive and destabilizing nature of the US military presence in the region,” it added.

“Since the onset of the Ukraine crisis, the Islamic Republic of Iran has announced that it does not think of war as a solution to any crises, including that of Ukraine, and we underline the need for an immediate ceasefire and settlement of differences through political talks, and we reaffirm our respect for the territorial integrity of Ukraine,” the ministry underlined.

“Instead of making baseless accusations and simultaneously sending huge quantities of weapons to the battlefield, the Western sides should use their diplomatic potential to end this crisis. The Islamic Republic has repeatedly stressed that it has not and will not provide any arms to a warring side against the other,” it stated.

“The selective and political claims made by the West regarding the issue of human rights are nothing new. The US and other parties, which, ignore the consequences and impacts of illegal sanctions on people’s enjoyment of fundamental human rights, misuse economic and banking tools to advance their political ambitions against independent nations, do not hold the moral and legal high ground to comment on human rights of the Iranian people. Being a system that was born of a popular uprising that toppled a US-backed repressive regime, the Islamic Republic of Iran considers itself duty-bound and committed to protect the rights and human dignity of its citizens and spares no effort to preserve and promote human rights,” the statement said.

“While the international community is witnessing crimes being committed by the child-killing Zionist regime in Palestine and flagrant desecration of holy books and the beliefs of more than one billion Muslims in some European countries, the approach adopted by western governments in this regard is utterly hypocritical,” it noted.

“We advise the leaders of G7 to eschew baseless and false accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran and adopt a realistic approach based on mutual respect, in which case, Iran will give a positive response,” the statement concluded.

It came after the G7 foreign ministers said in the communiqué issued at the end of their meeting in Japan on Tuesday that Iran must cease what they called a nuclear escalation and fulfill its legal obligations regarding nuclear non-proliferation.

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