Iran nabs ISIS-affiliated key supporter element of Shah Cheragh terrorist attack

In a statement issued on Friday, the Iranian Intelligence Ministry elaborated on the measures taken to counter and identify Takfiri elements, saying that between the two terrorist attacks at the Holy Shrine of Shah Cheragh, 196 Takfiri terrorists were arrested or killed.

Referring to the ministry’s round-the-clock efforts on identifying terrorist elements in Iran, it noted that prior to last year’s attack at Shah Cheragh, Takfiri terrorist elements had hatched several plots to carry out terrorist operations against the holy shrines and other gathering places of religious people in the country, which had been prevented by vigilant efforts of the ministry.

The vigilant efforts of the ministry led the founders of Takfiri terrorism to change the strategy and recruit non-Iranian terrorists. Accordingly, in last year’s terrorist attacks, all elements of the terrorist team had been selected from foreign elements and entered the country just a few days before the operation.

As announced in the communiqué dated November 7, 2022, by using the most extensive intelligence, security, and technical measures not only all elements and associates of that terrorist team were identified and detained, but also a number of other agents who entered the country for similar operations or were in any way related to Takfiri terrorism.

In this regard, in a series of operations related to last year’s attack, 26 Takfiri elements were arrested that all of them were non-Iranians from Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

After punishing the perpetrators of the heinous crime at Shah Cheragh holy shrine, the US-created ISIS, which claimed responsibility for last year’s terrorist attacks, announced that they would launch a revenge operation. Since then, they have sent numerous terrorists to Iran, where all terrorists, either at the origin or at the borders of the country, were killed in clashes with Iran’s police forces or were arrested inside. Thus, from the first to the second terrorist attack on the Shah Cheragh holy shrine, 196 Takfiri terrorists were killed or arrested.

The perpetrator of the recent terrorist attack was exactly the same type of Takfiri terrorists who unfortunately entered the country. Like last year’s killed terrorist, he is a citizen of Tajikistan who has become familiar with ISIS via the foreign platform “Telegram”.

He crossed Tajikistan, Turkiye and Pakistan to enter Iran, then trained in Afghanistan’s Badakhshan province and entered the country illegally over the eastern border. In Iran, it has been linked to the ISIS elements via the foreign platform “Telegram” and finally carried out terrorist operations on Sunday, August 13, 2023.

The Western-Zionist employers of ISIS in the past months have trained, equipped and prepared other types of their mercenaries to carry out various types of sabotage operations, but all of them were identified and destroyed.

The silence of Europeans as the alleged advocates of human rights regarding the recent terrorist attack, along with the joy of their affiliated media in this regard, is not only another clear example of their hypocritical stance and double standards but can also show another address of the Takfiri terror creator and sponsor club.

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