Iran Captures Oil Tanker That Violated Maritime Law

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Iranian Navy seized a Marshall Islands-flagged oil tanker in the Sea of Oman and directed it toward Iran’s territorial waters after the tanker hit an Iranian vessel and tried to flee in violation of maritime regulations.

According to the public relations department of the Iranian Army, the foreign vessel collided with an Iranian fishing craft in the Persian Gulf late on Wednesday.

A number of crew members of the Iranian ship sustained injuries as a result of the impact, and two are still missing, Press TV reported.

The Marshall Islands-flagged oil tanker then attempted to flee the scene in serious breach of international laws and regulations, which require provision of medical treatment and the supply of proper and sufficient medicine to seamen in case of sickness or injury.

Recovering from the shock, the fishermen managed to issue a distress call.

The Iranian naval forces, deployed to Chabahar Port in southern Iran on a Center for International Maritime Security (CIMSEC) mission, shortly after intercepted and seized the foreign ship in the Sea of ​​Oman after having been contacted by the Maritime Surveillance and Rescue Center (MRCC).

The vessel was seized by Bayandor corvette of Iran’s Navy in compliance with a confiscation order issued by Iranian judicial authorities.

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