Envoy Praises Iran’s Support for Yemen

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Yemen’s Ambassador to Iran Ibrahim Mohammad al-Deilami commended Iran’s unwavering support for Yemen throughout the years of foreign aggression, stating that Iran was the sole country to stand by the Yemeni people during challenging times.

In an interview with Iran’s Mehr news agency on Sunday, al-Deilami discussed the roles played by various nations in the Yemeni conflict.

“Most countries are complicit in the Saudi-American aggression against our country, except for one country, which is the Islamic Republic of Iran,” al-Deilami stated, highlighting Iran’s steadfast support and sincere presentation of Yemen’s cause in international forums. He emphasized that Yemenis have witnessed nothing but assistance from Iran.

The ambassador stressed that from the beginning, the Islamic Republic called for an end to the aggression, the lifting of the blockade, the provision of humanitarian aid, and non-interference in Yemen’s internal affairs. He affirmed that Iran has consistently stood by the Yemeni people in various forms and at all levels, describing Iran’s positions as firm and honest throughout the conflict.

Al-Deilami categorically dismissed allegations that Yemen’s Ansarullah resistance movement followed Iran or received military equipment from the Islamic Republic. He noted that in the face of the aggression, all Yemeni people, regardless of sects, regions, tribes, parties, or political forces, participated in the resistance against the aggressor forces led by Saudi Arabia. He asserted that the claims suggesting Yemen was under Iran’s control were false media narratives created by the enemy.

The ambassador emphasized that the relationship between Iran and Yemen is not solely based on diplomacy but also on historical and religious ties. He stated that both countries stand at the center of resistance and opposition to the Zionist-American project.

Asked whether Saudi Arabia or other parties would decide the end of the war, al-Deilami responded that Saudi Arabia attempts to insinuate through its media and soft power that the matter lies in the hands of the United States. However, he noted that Riyadh bears the responsibility for the war, the reconstruction of Yemen, and the cessation of military presence by all allied forces, including the United Arab Emirates, Sudan, the United States, and Britain.

Al-Deilami pointed out that Riyadh avoids accepting responsibility for the war to evade its consequences. He also mentioned Saudi Arabia’s goal of regaining influence in Yemen through political action and negotiation while presenting itself as a neutral and mediating country.

In March 2015, Saudi Arabia invaded Yemen with the collaboration of several allies and with arms and logistical support from the United States and other Western states. The objective was to reinstate Yemen’s former Riyadh-backed regime and crush Ansarullah, which had been governing in the absence of a functional government. Despite the Saudi-led coalition’s failure to achieve its objectives, the war has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Yemenis and triggered the world’s most severe humanitarian crisis.

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