E3 statement on Iran nuclear program ‘ill-considered’

In the process of nuclear negotiations, the Islamic Republic of Iran made every effort to reach an agreement, and it was expected that the western parties would also act constructively, the Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman said in his weekly presser on Monday.

Nasser Kan’ani made remarks in reaction to the E3 [France, England, and Germany] joint statement about the Iranian peaceful nuclear program.

Calling the E3 statement an incorrect and ill-considered move, the Iranian diplomat said, “The statement was the result of incorrect calculations made by the European side.”

Kan’ani said that unfortunately, the E3, instead of responding positively to Iran’s constructive actions on the way to reaching an agreement, adopted a non-constructive approach.

Advising the three European member states of the JCPOA to take a constructive path in the talks and make up for past mistakes, Kan’ani said, “Iran is ready to cooperate with the IAEA in removing fake and unreal images regarding its peaceful nuclear activities.”

According to him, Tehran has always emphasized that the IAEA should fulfill its duties professionally and without regarding pressure from third parties.

US, Europe must prove adherence to international norms

Regarding Washington’s claims about comments sent by Iran on the EU’s proposed text, the senior Iranian diplomat said, “Iran’s response has already been sent and we are waiting to receive an official response in this regard.”

He went on to say that a country that unilaterally withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal and imposed illegal, unilateral, and irrational sanctions against Iranians, is not in such a position to make claims.

Tehran has always emphasized that it is the US government that needs to take constructive action to reach an agreement, he noted, adding that the US government must prove it is a reliable member to return to the agreement process.

Both the United States and Europe must prove that they adhere to international norms in the JCPOA talks and they do not prioritize the interests of the Zionist regime in making political decisions.

Iran ready to meet needs of global energy market

Answering a question about the global fuel crisis, Kan’ani said that Iran, as an important actor in the field of the energy market, is able to meet the needs of the global energy market and those countries who are interested in using this capacity.


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