Complaint Filed at ICJ against Canada for Violating Iran’s State Immunity

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran lodged a complaint at the International Court of Justice against Canada for breaching the Islamic Republic’s state immunity by designating it as a sponsor of terrorism.

A statement by the Iranian government released on Wednesday said Tehran wants the International Court of Justice to compel Canada to stop violating the Iranian government’s immunities as a sovereign state in Canadian courts and avoid repeating such breaches of international law in the future.

Iran’s filing to the court also demands compensation from Canada.

It said the violations began in 2012, when Ottawa listed Iran as a terror sponsor under “false and wrongful” allegations and then seized property and assets belonging to the Iranian government, Press TV reported.

The statement said Canada has continued this “wrong process” in spite of repeated protests by Iran.

“Iran, through this move, once again showed (its adherence) to its principled position on the peaceful settlement of differences and commitment to the rule of law regarding relations between countries,” the statement said, expressing hope that Canada will change its “political approach” and stop violating its obligations.

Tehran said Canada had breached international law by court rulings ordering Iranian assets to be handed over to victims of various attacks that Canada blames on groups backed by Iran.

The Hague-based court confirmed in a statement that Iran had launched legal proceedings against Canada on Tuesday.

Iran said in its filing to the court that “Canada has adopted and implemented a series of legislative, executive, and judicial measures against Iran and its property (since 2012) in breach of its international obligations.”

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