Attempts at Normalization of Ties with Israel Futile: Iranian President

Attempts at Normalization of Ties with Israel Futile: Iranian President

Attempts at normalizing relations between the Zionist regime and Muslim states will get nowhere, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said, stressing that ultimate victory belongs to the Palestinian resistance.

One of the main objectives behind the Zionist regime’s attempts at the normalization of ties with a number of Arab and Islamic countries is to disappoint the Palestinian younger generation’s hopes for the liberation of the occupied territories, Raisi said at a meeting with Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad movement Ziad al-Nakhala, held in Tehran on Sunday night.

“We deeply believe that these attempts (at normalization of ties) won’t bear fruit, because the first and most serious opponents of such normalization of relations are the people of the very same (Muslim and Arab) countries,” the Iranian president added.

Hailing the Palestinian resistance groups for their initiatives in the battle against Zionists, Raisi said the Palestinian nation has become united more than ever while the Zionist community has been torn apart and is heading towards downfall.

Palestine has won the hearts and minds of people all over the world, from the region to Latin America, he stated.

For his part, Nakhala praised Iran for its constant support for Palestine.

Describing Iran as a major and influential country in regional and international developments, he described the Iranian president’s recent tour of Latin America as a testimony to the Islamic Republic’s success in defeating the sanctions.

Expounding on the resistance forces’ achievements and victory in a recent 5-day war in Gaza, Nakhala said while the Zionist regime claimed that it had reached an agreement with Egypt for an end to the clashes with the resistance forces, it later had to announce following the most recent round of conflicts that it has come to an agreement with the resistance forces.

The PIJ chief described such an admission as a big victory for Palestine that resulted from the Palestinians’ resistance and perseverance.

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