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Analysis: Biden's first 100 days, by the numbers

… executive orders. Biden has issued more than 60 executive actions in his first 100 days — primarily aimed at curbing the coronavirus pandemic and dismantling many of former President Donald Trump’s policies.
Biden called the volume necessary to undo what he considers “bad policy” inherited from Trump, particularly on immigration.
… new border facilities. The Department of Health and Human Services announced or opened 11 new facilities to try to get kids out of Border Patrol stations with jail-like conditions that are not meant for minors. The Biden administration continues to wrestle with how best to solve the border issue.

200 million

… shots! The Biden administration doubled and surpassed its initial goal of 100 million Covid-19 vaccine doses in 100 days, reaching the 200 million benchmark on April 21.
… approval rating. Biden’s approval rating sits at 53%, according to a new CNN/SSRS poll released Thursday. Among Democrats, that number is a sky-high 93%. Compare that with the meager 7% support from Republicans. 
… biting incidents on White House grounds. Biden’s younger dog, Major, has had two well-publicized incidents of bad behavior. He has since been sent to training off the White House grounds.
The Point: The numbers show that the Biden administration has been busy over the last 100 days.
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