Amir Abdollahian: Today role of resistance in regional equations irreplaceable

Tehran, IRNA – Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian referred to Hezbollah’s campaigns and effective activities in various fields, and said that the role of resistance in regional and global equations is unmatched.

In a meeting with Hojjat al-Islam Seyyed Issa Tabatabaei and the accompanying delegation, who are celebrating the Mujahideen in exile in Iran, while expressing gratitude to him, described his efforts in line with the activities of Imam Mousa Sadr.

“Seyyed Eisa Tabatabai’s distinguished feature is her support and contribution to the promotion of the position of the resistance in Lebanon and the region and the Islamic world,” he added.

Seyyed Isssa appreciated the workers of the Mujahidan Ghorbart Conference, called himself a small soldier of the Imams of the Revolution and a servant of the people of Iran, Lebanon and Palestine, and the honorable position and services of Ayatollah Raisi’s government and the diplomatic apparatus of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He praised the recent year and the tangible and appreciable transformation of this device.

He considered it his honor to serve the resistance and Hezbollah and emphasized the continuation of this heart belief until the end of his life.

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