Administration Welcomes Iranian Expats: President

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said his administration would pave the way for Iranian graduates and investors living abroad to return to their homeland.

Raisi held a meeting with a group of Iranians living abroad on the occasion of the Persian new year (Nowruz) in Tehran on Wednesday.

He stated that the government is ready to provide the necessary platforms for the activities of the Iranian investors in the country as well as the return of the Iranian students from foreign states, so that their capital and knowledge could be used to serve the motherland.

The president noted that the meeting was held to listen to the words of fellow Iranians living abroad and also to familiarize them more with the achievements and progress of Iran.

Emphasizing the importance of the role of Iranians living abroad in preserving the Iranian culture, civilization, and identity, the president added, “The relationship of Iranians living abroad should not be cut off from their country and homeland under the pretext of job or education, because being Iranian is a great honor for all Iranians around the world.”

“The young people of this land have made significant achievements by turning sanctions and threats into opportunities in the fields of science, industry and technology,” Raisi added, his official website reported.

Inviting the Iranian expatriates to visit the science and technology parks and learn about the unique achievements of the Iranian scientists and specialists, the president called for efforts to facilitate the return of Iranians abroad to their homeland.

The president also called on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to create a special task force to deal with the legal and consular issues of Iranians abroad and set up the Science and Culture Department of the Council of Iranians Abroad with the aim of continuous and effective communication with the Iranian scientists and intellectuals living abroad.

A very bright and prosperous future is before the Iranian nation, the president noted, warning against the enemy’s attempts to spread hopelessness and despair.

“The government considers it its duty to do jihadi work to strengthen hope in the society and we expect all podiums to thwart the enemy’s attempt that is aimed at stopping the Iranian nation by disappointing the people, especially the young, by correctly explaining the actions taken,” he added.

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