Zionists’ Provocations in Region Not Hidden from Iran’s Eyes: FM Spokesman

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Pointing to the malicious objectives of the fake regime of Israel in the region, the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said that regional provocations of the Zionist regime are not hidden from Iran’s eyes.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Nasser Kanaani wrote that the regional movements of the Zionist regime will not remain hidden from the pervasive eyes of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The spider’s den (Israeli regime) is not reliable and the Zionists’ struggle to expand its regional presence will not help mend the shaky internal foundation of the fake regime, he said, posting a verse from Surah al-Hashr of the Holy Quran.

The Iranian diplomat added that the Zionist regime is hated by countries of the world and will have no future.

Earlier, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman noted that the fake regime of Israel is shakier than ever and the liberation of Palestine is closer than ever.

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