Top General Stresses Importance of Iran-Pakistan Ties in Ensuring Regional Security

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri highlighted the importance of regional security and the transformation of shared borders into economic borders during a meeting with the Pakistani Army Chief in Tehran.

During the meeting with the Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan Major General Asim Munir on Saturday morning, Major General Baqeri expressed hope that the visit will yield fruitful results for both countries and pave the way for effective decisions.

He also emphasized the significance of bilateral relations between Iran and Pakistan in the region.

Congratulating General Munir on his appointment, Major General Baqeri expressed his hope for further enhancement of the Iran-Pakistan relationship, building upon the positive progress achieved in the past.

Highlighting the positive background of General Munir in the Armed Forces of Pakistan, the Iranian top general expressed confidence in the significant improvement of interactions between the two nations during his tenure, driven by the spirit of brotherhood shared between Iran and Pakistan.

Major General Baqeri emphasized the importance of Iran and Pakistan in the Islamic world and the West Asia region, characterized by longstanding friendly relations and numerous religious, cultural, and social commonalities that can contribute to strengthening their bilateral ties.

Referring to common threats faced by both countries, he emphasized that closer proximity and convergence between Iran and Pakistan will have significant effects on the security of the region and the Islamic world.

Referring to the recent act of desecration of the Quran in Sweden, he highlighted the challenges faced by the Islamic world due to global arrogance, stressing the need for sustainable security through mutual assistance between Iran and Pakistan.

He also pointed to the declining power of the United States and the Western world, noting the shifting global power axis towards Asia and the East, and suggesting that the future of the world will be different from the past.

Major General Baqeri criticized the actions of global arrogance as signs of weakness and desperation, contrary to achieving a better future for the world.

Reiterating the importance of regional security, he addressed bilateral defense, military, and security issues, emphasizing the transformation of shared borders into economic borders as a priority for both nations.

Major General Baqeri considered the occupation of Afghanistan by the United States and their irresponsible withdrawal as a significant issue impacting the security of both Iran and Pakistan.

He stressed the need for sustainable security in the border regions of both countries and the establishment of mechanisms for cooperation in this regard.

In conclusion, General Baqeri extended his condolences to General Munir for the tragic floods in Pakistan, which resulted in the loss of lives and injuries to several people in the country.

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