President Invites Iranian Expats to Invest at Home

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – President Ebrahim Raisi assured Iranian expatriates that the ground is prepared for them to set up businesses and make investment in Iran.

On the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York, President Raisi held a meeting with Iranians residing in the US on Tuesday.

One of the most important needs of Iranians living abroad is to inform them about the country’s progress by referring to the achievements and actions taken in various fields of science and technology, medicine, industry, defense and security, the president said.

“Today, contrary to the enemy’s wishes, who in the war of wills seeks to stop the growing movement of the country, we are determined to continue the progress of the country despite all the pressures and sanctions,” Raisi added.

“The relationship of Iranians abroad with their homeland and identity should not be cut off under the pretext of employment or education, because this Iranian and Islamic identity is what gives meaning to our personality,” he noted.

Highlighting the important role of Iranians living abroad in the development of Iran, the president urged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to remove the obstacles to investment and economic activities of the Iranian expatriates inside the country.

Expressing his administration’s readiness to provide a context for the return of graduates from outside Iran and for the country to benefit from their capabilities, Raisi said, “Just as Iranians inside the country have rights, you Iranians abroad also have the same rights, and of course, in return for this right, there is also responsibility towards the country.”

Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s deterrence power has eliminated the military option of the enemies, Raisi added, highlighting the failure of Americans and Westerners in isolating Iran.

“For us, the international community is not a few countries, but more than 200 countries,” Raisi underlined.

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