Outstanding Issues Reduced to 2 after Iran-IAEA Technical Talks: Source

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran and the UN nuclear agency have managed to settle disputes over one of the three locations at which the IAEA was suspicious of existence of undeclared nuclear material and over detection of particles of uranium enriched to 83.7 percent at Iran’s Fordow, a source said.

An informed source said Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency have reduced the number of the outstanding issues to two cases following a series of technical negotiations.

The source said the case relating to one of the three sites for which the IAEA has demanded an explanation regarding what it claims to be undeclared traces of uranium has been settled.

The so-called case of Abadeh (Marivan) has been resolved, the informed source stated, saying the IAEA had relied upon false and inauthentic information to claim that Iran has been enriching uranium in four undeclared sites.

According to the source, another dispute raised by the UN nuclear agency over the detection of particles of uranium enriched to 83.7 percent during an inspection of the Fordow nuclear facility has been settled following Iran’s technical explanations.

The source also noted that Iran has agreed on the installation of a number of cameras at the nuclear facilities of Isfahan, adding that around one-third of the cameras have already been set up and are working in offline mode without transferring data.

Back in March, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency Rafael Grossi paid a visit to Tehran.

Iran and the UN nuclear agency issued a joint statement at the conclusion of the trip, agreeing on closer cooperation to settle the outstanding issues pertaining to the Safeguards Agreement.

According to the statement, the two sides agreed that bilateral interactions will be carried out in a spirit of collaboration, and in full conformity with the competencies of the IAEA and the rights and obligations of Iran based on the comprehensive safeguards agreement.

“Regarding the outstanding safeguards issues related to the three locations, Iran expressed its readiness to continue its cooperation and provide further information and access to address the outstanding safeguards issues,” the statement said.

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